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Many people say that singing makes them happy. But what is it about singing that brings us so much joy that we will do it every chance we get....in the shower, in the kitchen and especially in the car? In a word, endorphins. Studies have shown that singing, whether in-tune or not, releases endorphins into the bloodstream, which makes us feel good.


We offer voice lessons on 3 different levels based on vocal maturity:

Singing Lessons - ages 6-9

Our Singing Classes are one-on-one lessons for children who love to sing. Your little one will learn healthy ways to use their voices while singing.

Voice Lessons - ages 9-12

Since younger voices are not fully developed and are more vulnerable to injury, our Singing Lessons focus on music theory, ear training, vowel placement, and vocal warm ups. These techniques will be applied to voice appropriate songs.


Vocal Coaching - teens & adults

Looking to take your singing and musicianship tot he next level? Voice Lessons focus on proper breathing techniques, diction, music theory, vocal warm-ups and application to songs in a variety of styles and genres.

kid voice lessons

Voice Lessons in Denville are offered in

30, 45, 60, & 75 minute intervals.


Mon - Thurs 1pm-8pm

Saturday By Appointment


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