The 3 Decisions YOU Have to Make BEFORE Choosing a Music Teacher

Happy Tuesday!

In today’s Teacher Tip Tuesday broadcast:

You have an instrument, you’re ready for lessons, now what?

Today we’re discussing the 3 things you have to decide before choosing a music teacher/school.



  1. Know what type of Lesson you want – Private and group lessons both have benefits and pitfalls. Which one is right for your child (or you) depends on their learning style and needs.
  2. Know HOW you want to take your lesson – We live in an amazing time where we can easily connect to anyone anywhere in the world virtually, but is that how you want to take your lessons? Or would you rather take them in-person? Did you know those aren’t the only options? You can also take video lessons!
  3. Know your goals – Not everyone will be a concert pianist or the next Jimi Hendrix and that’s Okay! Know what your goals are for the near future and find a teacher who can get you there!

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