Student and Parent Testimonies

We are blessed to work with wonderful children and adults. These are some of their thoughts about their experiences with their teachers as well as our academy.

If you are a current parent or student with something to say about your teacher or your experience please email us your testimony and we’ll post it right here!

“Dear Ms. Christie, I love having you as my Piano teacher for 5 years now! Since the beginning you have always been so nice to me, you are like a dream come true for a piano teacher, because you make learning music with you so fun so we don’t get stressed out in the middle of class. I love the songs that we choose together because we usually end up having a lot of fun playing them! I can’t wait to see your new Music school! love, UmaSofia (8 years old)”

“Miss Christie is the best piano teacher! I love piano!” ~ Grace (age 9)

The teachers at Bravo are excellent at adapting their teaching styles to match the needs of the individual. Miss Christie teaches me, my seven-year-old, and my five-year-old, and she uses different techniques with each.  She is able to get my younger son, who has a hard time focusing, to really pay attention and enjoy the lesson, and she has helped my older son feel so much better about himself and his abilities.  She’s not only a good piano teacher, she’s a talented teacher.  We’re so lucky to have her working with us!”  ~Emily (parent/student)

“Piano lessons are fun but they are hard work too. Miss Christie is my piano teacher and I really like her! She makes lessons really fun, but they’re also difficult. I have to practice every day and keep my elbows in and learn all of the notes and where they are! I just learned about the staff. Music is written on a staff of five lines and four spaces. I also just learned about the bass clef sign. It means it locates the F key below the keyboard. I am going to keep practicing and taking lessons so that one day I can be a really good piano player.” ~Emerson (age 8)

“I like being here and playing piano because it’s fun and I learn a lot and even if there’s a mistake then my teacher helps me in a really good way. I learn about more than just the music on the page, we talk about the composers and the time period and what was going on in everyone’s lives when the music was written. We really play it out. She knows the music and composers so well its like she knows them in person, even if they’re deceased or anything. She gets really into it and it helps me get really into it too. When I write the 5 facts about a composer, it helps me play the piano because I know what they’re going through and how they felt when they were writing the piece and why they even wrote the piece at all. I really like that about the lessons because we get to learn more about the music world and even beyond just learning the piece.”  ~Paolo (age 13)

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