Making 2021 Your MOST Musical Year Ever!

Happy Tuesday!

In today’s episode of Teacher Tip Tuesday, Miss Christie give three tips for making this year a musically good time!




  1. Take a Family Music Class. There are a variety of group music classes for families out there. Ukulele, bucket drumming, sing-a-longs. You name it, you can find it and with this virtual world we’re living in, you can take a class from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Sing Transition Songs. Everyone knows the famous “clean up song” that kids learn in preschool, well you can create your own transition song for every activity! Have to brush your teeth? Sing a little song. Comb your hair? Sing a little song. Put on a mask? You guessed it, sing a little song!
  3. Have an Impromptu Dance Party. We are bombarded with all kinds of music, but we don’t actually listen to all of it and that can hold back our appreciation of the extensive variety of music available at our fingertips. The key to having a successful family dance party is to add variety to your musical genres. Listen to The Beatles, then Beethoven the next and then Garth Brooks. As long as you feel the lyrics are age appropriate for your child, there’s no limit to the amount of music out there.

I hope you’ve found this info helpful! If you have, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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Happy Playing!

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