Piano Lessons in Denville, NJ

Awesome Piano Lessons for Awesome Kids

Come visit us at 170 East Main St in Denville NJ to sign up for Piano Lessons.

Our welcoming studio is perfectly set up to stimulate and motivate the learning of music.

We teach mostly on grand pianos, have a large lending library. Our teachers are all professional musicians ready to help you on your musical journey!

Piano lessons follow a steady curriculum designed to take you wherever you want to go, providing a solid foundation in piano technique and musicianship.  

For adults, this can focus on learning basic chords to accompany singing on piano, grand staff not reading and rhythm understanding.

For kids, this includes time at the piano as well as time doing what we call ‘off the bench activities’.

What’s Included in Off the Bench activities?

  • Theory work
  • Ear Training
  • iPad
  • Piano games


Who are piano lessons for? Anyone 3 years of age or older can take piano lessons.  Children 4 and under will need to take a trial lesson to ensure readiness to take piano lessons.

Private Piano Lessons are given in 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals.

NOW Enrolling Music Lessons!
Spots are filling up fast.

“Dear Ms. Christie, I love having you as my Piano teacher for 5 years now! Since the beginning you have always been so nice to me, you are like a dream come true for a piano teacher, because you make learning music with you so fun so we don’t get stressed out in the middle of class. I love the songs that we choose together because we usually end up having a lot of fun playing them! I can’t wait to see your new Music school! love, UmaSofia (8 years old)”