Helping Your Child Practice – A Guide for Non-Musical Parents

Happy Tuesday!

In today’s Teacher Tip Tuesday broadcast: 5 ways you can help your child practice as a non-musical parent.




  1. Ask them to show you their assignments – If your children are anything like my students, this will go much further than opening a book and pointing to the page. They’ll talk to you about all of the pictures and new things they learned. It won’t take much encouraging to get them to play it for you either. 🙂
  2. Read the directions with or to your child – You’d be surprised how much goes unpracticed because kids just didn’t read (or understand) the directions. Sitting down to read the directions with your child will insure their understanding before they begin.
  3. Have them be the teacher – Kids LOVE to be the teacher! Sharing their knowledge with you will make them feel special and the best way to really know something is to teach it to someone else!
  4. Make sure they practice right after their lesson – No matter when you get home, make sure your child sits down and plays through their assignments before the day is over. It’s the one of the best investments you can make in their progress!
  5. Listen! – Be present when they practice. Ask them to play a mini-concert or to show off their skills. They’ll love it and you’ll be giving them the gift of your time!


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